The 8 Life skills everyone needs


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The 8 Life Skills Everyone Needs.

The #8 Life Skills everyone needs was packaged in mind-maps for easy reading and follow-up coined around the fundamentals to nurture a career. Mind-map one espouses the core elements of a life-fulfilling career, that are rarely taught in a formal school setting as re-affirmed by a creative coach – Laura Simms.

Mind- map two focuses attention on understanding your personal unique identity by appreciating your routines, values, habits, impulses, and those reactions that shape your life. This is a self-revealing map essential for determining who you are, what you know and what you do not know about myself. The worst enemy that can ever happen to anyone is to believe that you are self-aware when you are not, remember that according to the Harvard Business School Review Report, only 10-15 % of the people are self-aware.

Mind-Map three, gives priority to the essential elements of knowledge and skill acquisition on a continuous basis. Information and knowledge are powerful tools, as they nourish our minds in the same way as food nourishes our bodies, emphasizing that in this era and age, you cannot afford to remain with a malnourished mind.

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Mind-Map four, attitude brings out that, it is more of our thoughts and decisions that play a major role in our growth potential than the advantages or disadvantages around us. It is a calling that we must focus our interest and commitment to positive intentions to be able to create strong mental energy to attract the required growth potential in us.

The extent to which time is valued is examined in mind-map five. It is only when you understand time as a resource and wealth, that you will have started a journey to move away from the crowds. It is not in doubt that we are responsible for acquiring all the knowledge we need; but we are essentially accountable for how we use the knowledge in the time we have.

Mind-map six, it is through the connections that one will easily learn about new career opportunities, latest global developments and professional ventures. It is essential to know that “People do business with persons they know, like, trust and value.” These are the ones they have networked or related with before, underpinning the power of relationships and networks.

Mind-map seven, takes cognizance that the biggest threat to confidence is the feeling that you know less about something because ignorance breeds the mental fear of producing or delivering less than expected. It will provide guidance to enhance confidence. You notice that if you have not learnt or read about something, it will seem new, difficult, and overwhelming to handle, but once you have detailed knowledge on the matter, then you start to handle with certainty.

While I was writing mind-map eight on communication, the words of Brian Tracy came to be apparent to me than ever before that “the better you get at public speaking, the more you will attract people and opportunities into your life.” This Mind-map will espouse you to the power of communication and practical ways to improve nurturing your career.


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