The 3 step personal goal setting toolkit for effective delivery


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Personal Goal Setting Toolkit.

Setting of a personal goal is driven by what one wants to achieve.  The more enlightened about your personal goal that is, what you desire or dream to achieve, the easier it becomes for you to set yourself quality goals. This is supported by Brian Tracy when he asserts: “The establishment of a clear, central purpose or goal in life is the starting point of all endeavours to achieve success.”

This toolkit is aimed at guiding you in packaging what is important in your life; and going ahead to empower you to set clear priorities to drive you to maximum achievement. You have made a great decision to embark on the process of adventure into finding your desired goals. The skills on goal-setting you are going to acquire have been tested and proven. The application of these skills require determination: to enable you to consistently apply and put them into practice.  It is strongly advisable that you turn these procedures and actions into your daily routine activities for maximum and sustainable benefit.

Personal goal setting hand writing definition of a smart goal


The phases are:

  • Define what is the most important thing is, to you.
  • Refine and make it measurable.
  • Implement and monitor your goal.

The power is in your hands to learn, practice and swing into action now. The fact that you have reached this far, is a strong testimony that you are ready to set and achieve your goals. 


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