Numbers are golden to business toolkit 2021


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Numbers are Golden to Business Toolkit 2021

This business toolkit primarily focuses on the power of numbers while aware that only 12% of the world adult population are numerically literate according to Enormous Global Literacy Study, 2013. This being the number that is able to add, subtract, divide, multiply; and in addition, read and interpret charts, tables, graphs, financial statements and related information. On the contrary, 88% of the adult’s struggle to comprehend the same.

Business man illustrating the application of numbers

Comrades “numbers do not lie”; unless they have been “manipulated,” “cooked” or “doctored.” Every individual uses numbers almost in every aspect of life. The toolkit espouses the application of numbers at family, business, politics and so forth.  The toolkit caters for #4 learning objectives:

  1. Use of numbers to create impact in our lives and businesses.
  2. The application of the power of statistics in business.
  3. How to make numbers more friendly in order to attract attention.
  4. Understanding hidden numbers and the power behind them.


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