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Master the soft skills required to have higher persuasion and greater leadership skills.

This communication course has been build through years of working in a competitive corporate environment where you need to be able to communicate clearly and get your point across to multiple parties that may have contradicting interests. I have successfully applied the methods and tools described in order to achieve the objectives I had. Experience together with soft skills courses and trainings have developed my skills and the capacity to see past conflict in order to achieve my goals.

My work as both a project manager and a corporate trainer have helped me refine my techniques and skills while also confirming that there is added value brought in the life of the participants through the topics discussed. Teams which have participated in this course have reported an increase in efficiency, the ability to formulate clear ideas and to understand the people that they are in conflict with. Project managers and delivery leads have also confirmed and increase in client satisfaction and a decrease in team turnover while fostering a collaborative environment where experience is shared and new joiners are helped by seniors.

I will guide you through all you need to know in order to improve your communication skills and conflict resolution skills. During our time together you will learn about verbal communicationhow to resolve conflictshow to manage conflicts and how to communicate effectively.

After you have enrolled to the course you will learn about identifying the root cause of the conflict and how to deal with the different conflicts that may arise.

We will be talking about multiple subjects and also deep diving into them for a more profound experience and also in order to provide examples and give you a better understanding. After this you will be able to better define communications, to communicate effectively and to apply various resolution techniques based on your goals and situational context.

After you finish this course you will gain valuable skills that will show you how to resolve conflicts, help you mitigate conflicts and reach a resolution much faster than before. You will also be able to use the skills gained here in interview questions about teamwork before hiring someone, you will be able to see why people are behaving like they are and also know exactly what needs to be said in order to mitigate the conflict.

I would recommend this course for anyone who is interested in solving conflicts in a meaningful and timely manner.

Enroll now in order to start working on your personal development and move towards a more calm and peaceful life.


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