We Offer?

Give Africa Training Institute (GATI) is rooted in the fundamentals to nurture life-skills for career and entrepreneurship development. We have committed to deliver impactful life-skills education products, source and deliver quality and reliable life-skills education products, train, mentor and coach our students and business entrepreneurs. Social life-skills are rarely taught in a formal education setting, yet fundamentally required for personal, employment and entrepreneurial growth and development. The focus is on practical ways to nurture personal and career development within the dynamic environment we live in.

We Focus On Persons That Are:

  • Building their career(s).
  • Focusing on enjoying their career(s).
  • In doubt of their career choices.
  • Want to create and achieve career dreams.
  • Like practical real-life examples.
  • Willing to learn and practice.

Our Commitment:

  • To deliver impactful life-skills products.
  • To source and deliver quality and reliable life skill products.
  • To train, mentor and coach students and business entrepreneurs.

Did You Know That?

Globally, 1 in 5 young people are un-employed and have no skills according to the World Employment and Social Outlook; Trends 2019, a situation worries future employment and entrepreneurship.

10-15% of the people are self-aware according to Harvard Business School review.

Information and knowledge are powerful tools to nourish our minds in the same way food nourishes our bodies, a call to action, that in this era and age, no one can afford to remain with a malnourished mind.

The #4 essentials of what you want to be

#1. Learn the Big 3: Health, Wealth, And Relationships

#2. Envision what  You  want to be

#3. Limit what may Hold You Back

#4. Learn how to meet people that can Change Your Life

Set for yourself  a pace into thinking of "What you want to be"